Monday, July 17, 2006

Keith Alexander, R.I.P.

Here's another mid-1980s thrash demo with a slight hardcore punk orientation. Brooklyn's PRIMAL SCREAM were on the same page as Prong, Cro Mags, and Sheer Terror. Much as the UK band of the same name combined shoegazer guitars and club beats in the 1990s, PRIMAL SCREAM united political lyrics with an afinity for wearing animal furs. Guitarist Keith Alexander formed this trio after getting the monumental funfest of a band known as Carnivore off the ground. Keith was an early entry on Carnivore leader Petrus T. Steele's (aka Peter Steele of Type O Negative) shit list, but he didn't care. Debuting with his own band in 1986, the beef-armed pro-anarchy ranting against the government with flangy Sabbath-inspired metal riffs was certainly a product of the times:

PRIMAL SCREAM - "The Outrage Continues" demo 1986
1. Poisoned
2. Last Breath
3. State of the State

On a sad note, I say "was" because Alexander was killed in a freak bicycle accident in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in July 2005. No mafia hit and run -- he faltered on a brand new high-end mountain bike, smashed his head into a fence, and very sadly died. He had played for a while in Dee Snider's SMFs, but gone on to greater area notoriety through his piercing studio/tattoo shop. His thoughtful technology blog survives, as does this demo and a solitary album from Primal Scream -- Vol. 1, on New York's adventurous Celluloid label.


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