Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lords of All Terror and Plagues

Here's a sure sign of a rescue mission -- when I popped this cassette from its case, the label flew off the tape with a puff of dried glue dust. I'm surprised that this demo isn't already out there, but crime of all crimes, even Holy Terror's two excellent records and Terror & Submission and Mind Wars don't seem to be in print on any legitimate label.

Formed from refugees of L.A. metal mills Abbatoir, Agent Steel, and Dark Angel, these guys were burnt but brilliant. I saw them open a bill for DRI and Kreator, and singer Keith Deen spit his vitriol through the entire show while crouched and kneeling -- not a typical posture for a metal hero. They had true dirtbag grit, but their excellent speed metal was also filthy with smart melodic flourishes, worthwhile guitar solos, and good lyrics about disease and religious decay.

This demo falls in the same field as Slayer and Megadeth demos, which were basically just underproduced versions of what appeared on album. Great, great stuff.

Holy Terror * 1986 Demo
1. Blessed Sacrament
2. Black Plague
3. Distant Calling
4. Guardians of the Netherworld

I think the band is currently coming down off an ill-fated early 2006 reunion attempt with a new singer. This upbeat drug and violence-laced account of the band's late '80s escapades explains a few things, and is chock full of runaway tour busses, FedEx fixes, and British people being punched in the face.

Hearty MEGA-thanks to drtboi from for volunteering to host these sacred songs!


Blogger brian eff said...

you've got to love that faux-harris bassgallop action on "distant calling." never cared much for this band at the time but this demo is winning me over.

5:14 AM  
Blogger baileyear said...

brian - you MUST check out "Terror&Submission / Mind Wars" again... its some of the best thrash ever recorded and their singer was underrated .... and yea, you can hear the maiden-ish/70's/early 80's metal sound all over their stuff.... very cool of Ian to put their demo up..... pleeease give us more Ian!!!!!!

3:49 AM  

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