Thursday, July 27, 2006


I know that's not exactly a raging recommendation, but for a time it seemed every banger on the block except me was shaking their head to this greasy batch of Philly cheesesteaks. But c'mon -- "Anvil Bitch"? Why not "Exciter Slayer" -- or "Razor Ratt"? They were rewarded nonetheless with a New Renaissance Records contract that spawned the Rise to Offend album (last mention of that demo-raiding label this month, I swear.) I like the second two tracks on this first demo the best -- evilized generic Kill 'Em All thrash to the max!

Anvil Bitch * 1985 4-song demo #1

1. Neckbreaker
2. Apostle of Hell
3. Time to Die
4. To the Grave


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