Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hot Hot Heat

100-degree weather in the city doesn't seem so bad compared to being incinerated and cremated for an eternity in the imaginations of these deathly Italian thrashers. The cover art features a smoke monster worthy of Super Mario World, while the handwritten cassette card shouts out Incinerator's good pals in Schizo. This demo is kind of a Kreator-influenced mess, but the juicy synths on the intro "Crematorium," the finger-tapping guitar solo on "Mass Genocide," and the tender acoustic intro to "Incinerator" are all hidden stashes of gold coins -- or more like baby steps in the evolution of extreme European metal. I've never heard the 1989 album on Sonic Attack Records -- it's called UH!?! -- guess it got too hot to talk in complete words?

INCINERATOR * "Live Into the Crematorium" demo 1986
1. Crematorium
2. Mass Genocide
3. Incinerator
4. Terminal Vivisection